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How Dads Cope With The Baby Blues


How Dads Cope With The Baby Blues

Dads Cope With The Baby Blues - Mothers do not only experience baby blues, you know. According to research, about 62% of fathers also experience baby blues, at least during the first four months after the birth of a baby. Come on, Daddy, find out how to overcome it!

The cause of baby blues in fathers can vary. However, generally, the risk of depression will be higher if his wife also experiences a similar condition. Unfortunately, stress on your father can be even worse because your father may not use to expressing his feelings.

Generally, men are always considered more resilient and logical. Is what makes fathers more challenging to ask for help when feeling anxious and out of control. Even though this is a very human thing and a solution must found.
Know Yourself

Father must remember that if one, especially the two parents are not mentally healthy, the Little One can feel the adverse effects. Depressed parents generally communicate less often with children, let alone sing or read stories. Instead, they will find it easier to commit violence, including their children.

To detect whether you have a baby blues, try asking yourself a few things below:

  • Am I losing my appetite, or vice versa, more hungry?
  • Do I often feel unwell?
  • Am I withdrawing from social interaction?
  • Am I angry, trapped, or have no hope for the future?
  • Have I ever thought that I am not the right man to accompany my wife and child?
Also, some fathers who experience the baby blues may unconsciously change habits, such as spending time working more extended hours in the office or drinking alcoholic beverages even though the period after childbirth is a time when mother and child need support from Father.
Get out of the Baby Blues, yeah!

Well, so that you don't get caught up in the baby blues for too long, you can try to overcome it in some ways below:

  •     Express feelings

Dads Cope With The Baby Blues - Fathers need to realize that harboring feelings and problems themselves will not solve the problem. Therefore, expressing opinions to others will make Father understand that there is a problem in Father, but at the same time also realize that Father is not alone in living it.

If talking to your partner feels uncomfortable or burdensome, you can try to talk to other family members or closest friends. Speaking with others and listening to their responses, especially those who are already parents, will help Dad to find a different perspective.

  •     Do self-care

After spending most of the time caring for the Little One, Father and Mother also have to take care of their well-being by adopting a healthy diet, exercise, meditation or doing any activities to reduce the mental stress caused by parenthood, including lowering the baby blues.
  •     Keep the routine stable.

To help overcome the baby blues, Father also has to maintain daily routines, such as eating and sleeping on time. No less important, stay away from smoking or consuming alcohol when under stress, depression, or experiencing other problems in life.
  •     Do not push yourself.

Delaying making big decisions is better done when Dad has a baby blues. If necessary, discuss the decision with someone else who can be trusted. Also, avoid doing many things at the same time, and separate large tasks into small tasks.

Various adjustments as new parents and other responsibilities may be a burden to my mind for Father. For that, try to manage stress better so that this condition can be resolved immediately, and not get worse.

There are times when the baby blues develop into depression. Approximately 10% of men in the world are detected experiencing depression after their wives give birth. Therefore, if this condition does not subside in a few weeks, it's good that you immediately consult a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Fathers also need to be vigilant if they always feel anxious and exhausted, withdrawing from their families, easily angry, no longer interested in doing activities that are usually fun, after the baby is born. Some of these conditions can indicate that you are experiencing the baby blues.

As well as mothers, especially new mothers, fathers also need support and strengthening when entering a new critical phase in life, namely having children. It hopes that good cooperation with partners and family support can help Father and Mother stay physically and mentally healthy, so they are ready to take care of Little One.