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7 Ways to Encourage Work Spirit After Long Holidays


7 Ways to Encourage Work Spirit After Long Holidays

Spirit After Long Holidays - Many people find it hard to go back to work after a long holiday. However, don't worry, because there are also some ways you can do so you can get back to work.

There are various holiday benefits, including increasing work productivity and creativity. It's just that, work morale often decreases when it comes to returning to work, after a long holiday. Come on, find out how to restore your work spirit.

Tips for Productive Returns After Vacationing

Before returning to work, first give yourself a chance to rest at home, after a long vacation. Try to get home, at least one day before returning to work. Getting enough rest will make you regain energy and prevent you from experiencing stress

Besides that, there are six other things you can do, namely:

  • Prepare luggage from the night before

For some people, experiencing one small mistake in the morning can damage the mood all day. To prevent this, you can prepare all your needs or luggage at night. So, you can focus on doing your daily routine again, starting from the morning.
  • Do light exercise

If possible, you can also get up faster in the morning to do light activity. Light use for around 10-30 minutes in the morning is useful to restore your spirit. No need for strenuous exercise, you can walk, jog, or jog, to restore enthusiasm and productivity.
  • Eat nutritious food

Don't forget too, consume nutritious food to restore enthusiasm. Foods that can be the right choice for you are nuts, fish, wheat and bananas. However, make sure you consume it in a portion that is not too big. Excessive eating will make you tired and sleepy, thus reducing fighting spirit.
  • Tidy up your desk

The first thing you can do after arriving at the office is tidying up the counter. The condition of a neat work desk will make your mood right, so you can be even more excited in going through the first day back to work.
  • Think about things that make you happy

To maintain a good mood, you can also think about things that make you happy, such as talking to pleasant office friends, delicious lunches and a comfortable working atmosphere.
  • Do the easiest task

Spirit After Long Holidays - After tidying up the office desk, you can start compiling a list of things to do. Do the easiest or most urgent work first. On the first day of work, focus on getting back to work. Do not force yourself to do everything, set the priority scale for your work.

Do the above methods so that you are still eager to work after a long holiday. You can, exchange experiences while on vacation with your colleagues, but don't get too late until you keep comparing between work and vacation time.

Holidays should help you refresh your mind, so you don't get bored and refocus and be more creative when you return to work. If you feel a decrease in the enthusiasm of your work is very disturbing, do not hesitate to consult a psychologist to get the right advice and solutions.