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How To Troubleshoot Small Breasts


How To Troubleshoot Small Breasts

Small Breasts - At puberty, a woman's body will experience several changes. One of them is enlarged breasts. However, each woman's breast size is not the same; there are also those who have small or large breasts.

When women experience puberty, usually at the age of 8-13 years, the body will begin to produce and release the hormone estrogen. As a result, fat in the connective tissue in the breast also unites and enlarges. This extra fat causes women's breasts to start growing bigger. During this time women will even begin getting menstruation for the first time.

Women's breasts can continue to grow during adolescence and even until the early 20s. Enlarged breast size will be different for each woman. Some have large breasts, small breasts, even asymmetrical breasts, where the right and left breasts are of different sizes.

Causes of Small Breasts

Small breasts can cause by several factors below, including:
  • Descent

    If your mother's breast size is large, the chances are that you also have a large breast size. Vice versa, if your mother has small breasts.

  • Weight

    Having more fat in the body makes you more likely to have bigger breasts. Even when you begin to diligently lose weight by exercising and maintaining a diet, one of the members of the body that first shrinks are the breast.

  • Menopause

    When you approach menopause, your estrogen hormone levels drop dramatically. As a result, the glandular tissue in the breast also shrinks, and the chest becomes smaller, less dense, fattier, and sagging.

  • Breast hypoplasia

    It is a condition in which breast tissue does not develop properly to make small breast size. The cause of this disease not known with certainty, but it is thought to be caused by congenital abnormalities from birth, heredity, or side effects of radiation therapy in the chest area in childhood.

Ways to Overcome Small Breasts

If you have small breasts and feel disturbed, several ways can make your breasts look firmer and more prominent.
  • Sports

    Sports that focus on the chest, back and shoulder muscles are believed to help improve posture and tighten and strengthen the chest muscles behind the breast tissue. The following are exercises to stretch the chest muscles: 
  • Do push-ups 12 times, repeat three times.
  • Align your hands forward with your palms pressed together, then open until your hands are straight next to your shoulders. Repeat this movement for one minute.
  • Align your hands to the side, then make a circular motion back and forth for one minute each.
  • Bend your hands next to your shoulders to form a U-shape. Open and close your hands back and forth.
  • Sleep on your back, both hands holding dumbbells, both legs bent. Lift both sides up and down again 12 times, repeat three times.

  • Massaging the breast

    Small Breasts - Massaging the breast is thought to increase blood flow and stimulate collagen production in the chest. Later it can tighten the muscles and enhance the growth of breast tissue until the small breasts look big. However, this has not confirmed by scientific data and research.

    Breast enlargement surgery

    The only way that is sure to succeed in making small breasts fuller and tighter is to do breast augmentation surgery using implants. At least there are two types of breast implants, namely those containing sterile (saline) and silicone brine. Saline implants are believed to be safer to use than silicone implants. If it leaks, even if it's a little, silicone implants can damage the immune system. While saline implants will be safely absorbed or removed from the body. However, beforehand, find out the risks and costs of breast implants by consulting a doctor.

The effectiveness of each method of overcoming small breasts above is different. So far, the best level of efficiency in improving breast shape is surgery, because it has a permanent effect.

If you are not satisfied with small breasts, you can try some ways above to help change the shape of your breasts. However, to ensure that the form of small breasts is not due to a severe medical condition, you are advised to see a doctor.