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How To Maintain Safety


How To Maintain Safety

Maintain Safety - One of the fundamental rights for workers in Indonesia that is mandatory is the protection of occupational health and safety. The implementation of the security of the above problems is the responsibility of all parties, both the government, companies and the community.

The implementation of occupational health and safety must be cultivated to prevent work accidents and work-related illnesses. There Is in line with the rules issued by the International Labor Organization (ILO). Is a concern, given the high mortality rate due to accidents and occupational diseases.

Participating in Pressing Work Accidents

Based on international data from the ILO, it found that more than 300 million accidents occur in the workplace each year. Also, there are 2.3 million deaths per year due to illness or injury caused by work. In Indonesia, the construction sector contributes 30% of the total accidents experienced by workers.

For the number of workplace accidents to decline, all parties should participate. The following are some guidelines for industrial owners in improving the health and safety aspects of their workers:

  • Understand the risks that might arise

    To minimize the risk of workplace accidents, be sure to find out what risks might occur related to occupational health and safety in the field underway. This step is called risk assessment. After knowing the dangers that might result, then consider the steps that need to be taken to protect workers at the work site.
  • Entrust to competent parties

    In handling occupational health and safety issues, it is recommended to appoint one responsible party to manage it. People who are skilled in this matter usual have acquired the skills and licenses from the authorized institution.
  • Describe clearly

    Describe clearly the duties of each party in managing matters related to occupational health and safety at the work site. Provide clarity of responsibility about who, what, when and how to do it. It, not only concern who is responsible but also should cover technical aspects in the field.
  • Work on workers

    Maintain Safety - It is obligatory for owners or management of the industry to provide guidance, especially to new workers, such as the introduction of work environments, duties and responsibilities, leadership in preventing accidents, and how to extinguish fires.
  • Provide sufficient knowledge to workers

    Provide adequate information about health and safety at work, to each party concerned. Likewise, provide information about the risks they might face and how to deal with them.
  • Provide decent work facilities

    Another thing that is not less important and also needs to consider is giving workers an excellent facility in the workplace. Starting with toilets, drinking water, places to put clothes, and adequate locations for eating and resting. Make sure the workplace in the room has good air circulation, is clean, gets enough light, and has sufficient room capacity so that workers do not jostle. Also, make sure that the work location has a first aid kit or accident kit (P3K) that is adequate and by the standards.

If occupational health and safety considered well, then worker productivity will be maintained. In the end, this can improve the welfare of both parties.