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How To Keep Your Child


How To Keep Your Child

Keep Your Child - Mother was in the kitchen for a while, but suddenly there was the sound of the Little One crying loud as she fell. In addition to immediately checking his condition, Mother needs to know how to quickly handle it.

It's okay if the little one actively runs to and fro, climbs, jumps, to reach for anything around him. However, in order not to panic against it, besides keeping the furniture and the house safe, Mother also needs to be prepared to deal with the injuries that the Little One might experience at any time.

Handle Injury Properly

When an injury occurs, you need to be alert to relieve the pain that your child is experiencing immediately. If the damage is severe enough, then you need to understand what temporary help you can do, until a doctor treats your child.

Below are some conditions that are often experienced by children and need to address immediately:

  • Bruises

Place a cold compress on the bruise. To compress, you can use ice cubes coated with cloth or in compress packs. The mother needs to take the child to the doctor if the affected part is full, swollen, or continues to hurt.
  • Nosebleed

When a child experiences a nosebleed, invite the child to bend his head slightly forward, then pinch his nose, just below the nose bone. Hold and coat hands with a towel for 10-15 minutes to absorb the remaining flowing bleeding. It took a while for the nosebleed to stop — no need to clog your nose with tissue or cotton.

Do not leave the child in a backward position. This position can make blood enter the esophagus and swallowing, so it will likely make him want to vomit. Also, passing snot or exhaling too tightly through the nose can also trigger nosebleeds to occur again. Therefore, tell Little One not to do this for several hours.

Immediately take the Little One to the Emergency Installation (IGD), if within half an hour the nose doesn't stop, or if Mother thinks a nosebleed doesn't cause the bleeding, but because the nose broke.

  • Broken tooth or date

Keep Your Child - When teeth are broken or dated, you should take your child to the dentist or hospital. If the date is a permanent tooth, if possible, place the tooth back into the gum where it grows. If not possible, you can store it in a closed container that given saliva or milk. Stop bleeding by asking the child to bite the gauze or cotton ball on the loose part of the tooth.
  • Bleeding Wound

Bleeding wounds are severe if the blood does not stop, even after being pressed for a few minutes. Clean the wound with running water, make sure the water quality is immaculate. If you are unsure, you can use bottled mineral water. Avoid cleaning wounds with alcohol, antiseptics or hydrogen peroxide. Apart from feeling sick, the ingredient can make the wound heal slowly due to irritation.

If blood is still flowing after bandaging, press the wound for 15 minutes while keeping the injured part higher than the body so that the bleeding stops. However, the mother needs to immediately take her to the emergency room if the bleeding does not stay more than 15 minutes, accompanied by a broken bone, or if the wound is so severe that the tissue appears under the skin.

  • Head injury

Head injuries that are not severe, such as stumbling, can be dealt with by compressing the injured part with an ice-filled bag wrapped in a towel. Do not let the child immediately return to play. He needs to rest first, even if he has only a minor injury.

Immediately take the child to the hospital or emergency room if a head injury causes fainting, vomiting, confusion or anxiety, severe headaches, difficulty walking, drowsiness, neck pain, or hand tingling.

To quickly deal with injuries, don't forget to provide a first aid kit at home. After the child has injuries, please pay attention to his condition for at least 24 hours. Do not hesitate to immediately take him to the nearest hospital or pediatrician, if something seems abnormal or if the child continues to complain of pain. It expects that proper treatment of injuries to the Little One will make the condition heal faster.